quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2009

How can you support

With every day that passes, we need more support, in all possible senses. See how you can strengthen this struggle and get in contact:

POLITICAL: Some congressmen have already visited the place, but from the public powers the main interlocutor has been the police. We ask if the mentality of Aécio Neve's state government and Márcio Lacerda's municipal government is one to treat the effects of the Worls Crisis, when it arrives here through unemployment and homelessness, as a police issue? To the friends who have got political contacts and connections, we ask them to make use of them in order to make the occupation more visible and to help better end the process.

SIGN THE FINANCIAL SUPPORT LETTER: For money contributions we ask for the deposit to be made in the savings account of Caixa Econômica Federal No 204470-4, ag. 2333, op. 013.
General Donations: those who cannot contribute with money, can helo with many donations, especially those related to food, clothing and myriad products (kitchen, desk and construction materials). For those who can multiply this campaign in the donation posts, centralising them in the following points, it is better, but for those who cannot take the products to the occupation, please get into contact with us that we shall come to collect them. We are gathering the donations in Casa das Irmãs, 6960 Otacílio Negrão de Lima Ave. – Bandeirantes (close to Toca da Raposa and facing the Parque Ecológico).

MILITANT: other forms of support (cultural, artistic, educational, health-related, religious etc.) are being connected through the solidarity committee. Contacts: +55 31 8522 and 9702-6725